Make a Splash This Halloween SEAson!

Under the sea! Under the sea! Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter- take it from me!

Tired of the same old costumes every year? Why not dive in to these adorable ocean-themed costumes this Halloween! Whether your child wants to be a sparkly mermaid, a scary shark, or a little fishy, these unique costumes are sure to impress! Check out our Top Five favorite SEA-worthy costumes below for some fun ideas for your family!

5. Mermaid

This is the best girls costume on land and sea! Make your little swimmer’s dream come true with this sweet costume!



4. Sea Turtle

Slow down and enjoy this turtle-y adorable costume on your baby!



3. Clown Fish

Get hooked on this Clown Fish costume for your little one this Halloween!



2. Shark

Take a bite out of Halloween fun with this cozy catch of the day!

(Party City)



1. Octupus

Your baby will have extra arms to hug you with while wearing this sweet little number!


(Oriental Trading)



Planning to use one of these adorable costume ideas for Halloween this year? Submit a photo of your child in their ocean-themed Halloween costume to for a chance for your child to be featured on the Mermaid Swim School Facebook page!



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