Fall in Florida is Finally Here!

Hooray!!! It’s finally the time of year that we’ve all been waiting for! Although, Fall is not the first season that comes to mind when the rest of the country thinks of Florida, we Floridians know that Fall in Florida is the absolute best! The worst of the heat is finally over and you can actually enjoy spending time outdoors again. We are currently in that sweet spot in between when the summertime vacationers have left and the snow birds haven’t yet arrived-the time of the year when you can head to your favorite beach and easily find a parking spot! Ready to take full advantage of the season that is upon us? Check out these fun activities you can enjoy with your family this Fall:

  • Take Your Family Camping: Florida has some of the best camp sites and parks around to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and outdoors with your loved ones!
  • Head to Your Local Beach: Enjoy a break from the crowds and head to your favorite beach with your family for some much needed fun in the sun!
  • Fall Festivals: Florida is home to some of the best Fall festivals in the nation! Check out which festivals are taking place near you!
  • Go Swimming: Unlike the rest of the country, here in Florida we get to experience beautiful weather year round! Fall is the perfect time of the year to stay active with your family, and what better way to do that than to go for a swim?!
  • Visit Your Local Pumpkin Patch: Watch your children’s eyes light up as they get to choose their very own pumpkin- then head home and let the decorating begin!

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