Why is swimming GREAT for my kids?

As an adult in Florida, you probably have many fond memories of spending your summers at a beach or by the pool swimming with friends and having fun. Little did you know, the swimming you were doing had so many more benefits than just a good time! Check out these reasons why swimming is so beneficial for children:

  • Swimming is great exercise! Swimming is not only an awesome cardiovascular work out, but also increases strength, endurance, flexibility, and even balance!
  • Learning how to swim keeps your children safe and lowers their risk of drowning. Although, no child is ever “drown proof” knowing how to swim significantly lowers your child’s risk of drowning in the case of an emergency.
  • Getting your children involved in swimming for athletics is an awesome way to not only keep your children active, but also to learn team building skills and sportsmanship. Studies also show that children who are involved in teams also have more self confidence!
  • According o the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming is also great for children’s mental health. Swimming has been known to improve mood and decrease anxiety.
  • When you swim as a family, you could experience enhanced family bonding!

Interested in getting your children involved in swimming? Mermaid Swim School has you covered! Mermaid Swim School offers lessons for children of all ages and skill levels. Call today to get your children signed up for private instruction with one of our experienced swim instructors and let your children experience the positive benefits of swimming!


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