5 Essential Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know!

As a Floridian, I have to say there is nothing more relaxing than spending a hot afternoon in the sun by the pool! It is especially easy to relax when you know you have taken all the precautions necessary to keep your family safe! Check out these 5 tips from safety experts on how you can keep your children safe by the pool-

  1. Make sure your children can swim! Starting swim lessons as early as six months is a great way to make sure your child develops a comfortable relationship with the water. Enrolling your children in swim lessons is one of easiest ways to ensure your family is safe in the pool.
  2. Make sure your pool is surrounded by a fence! Completely surrounding your pool with a 4 foot or higher fence with a self-closing gate is the easiest way to ensure your young children will stay out of the water until a parent or guardian is present to open the gate.
  3. Always keep your young children within arms reach! All children should be under an adult’s supervision at all times.
  4. Always protect your family’s skin and put on sunscreen prior to putting on bathing suits.
  5. Take a CPR course so that you can be confident you will know the correct steps to take in the case of an emergency!

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